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Healing Phase

Your new eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle.

The pigment will appear very sharp and dark immediately after the procedure. This is because the pigment is still sitting on top of your skin and has not yet settled in completely. The color of the pigment will soften gradually. Do not be alarmed if you see some pigment on the cotton swab, this is excess pigment and/or body fluid that is naturally exiting your skin. Once the healing of the skin starts taking place, it will look like dandruff flakes or dry skin.

Once completely healed, after 2 weeks, apply sunscreen on your eyebrows when exposed to the sun. Sun exposure might cause the color pigment to fade away more quickly.

The client shall consult a health care practitioner at the first sign of infection or an allergic reaction, and report any diagnosed infection, allergic reaction, or adverse reaction resulting from the Microblading / Tattoo to the artist.

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