Cancellation Policy

* A card on file is required to book. You do not get charged, it's only to secure your spot and guarantee your commitment to me.

*If you do not wish to provide a card a PayPal invoice of $150.00 deposit will be sent. Invoices expires end of working day at 5pm. Non refundable!


*If you need to cancel please do so within 72 hours prior to your appointment. If your appointment is cancelled under 72 hours you will be charged 20% of service (credit may be used if rescheduled within a week).

* If you no show you will be charged 50% of the service non-refundable. You will be added to the no show list.


*Late arrivals (after 15min) will be rescheduled and will only be allowed one reschedule. If you arrive late (after 15min) for your rescheduled appointment you will be marked as a no show and charged 50% of service.



*If you have previous eyebrow tattoo/PMU or Microbladed eyebrows,  please book a consultation first to make sure we can do the cover up/touch up work.